New order email confirmation is not working in Magento 1.9

After upgrading or installing to magento 1.9 you will face issue that the new order confirmation email couldn’t be sent once the order is placed.

In magento 1.9, they changed the way to send the order confirmation, in this version it sends the email in queue rather than se

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Update customer group price programmatically Magento

Update group price in magento

Some time its very difficult to update all products group price individually from admin of magento. Today i will show how to update it programmatically simultaneously.

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Manual cleaning magento database logs phpmyadmin

Cleaning magento database log

The most efficient way to clean the logs and more comfortable working with databases. It is faster than the built-in magento tools and it allows you to clean other tables not included in those tools. Below is steps how to clear log tables:

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Magento – Export/Retrieve products with specific attribute value

If you want to export limited fields using custom filter using code and easier way without using admin panel, below is the steps to approach.
Here id, sku, name, price values are getting, if you want more then you can append below in the field.

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Update products prices in Magento easier way


In some shared server product prices can be updated via Dataflow profiles > import though but this is very slow and requires lots of csv fields(besides sku & price) for updating or it might get sometimes 500 internal server error due to less memory support.

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Magento Optimization

Now a days on and off merchant and customers are depress when magento sites take lots of time than usual to load pages. Below is steps show how to improve performance.

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